Try Before you Buy

This program is intended to help new School and Library customers experience the quality of our refurbished computers.

Trial details:

  • Trials are limited to one pc/laptop per school or district
  • Standard ground shipping and insurance are paid for by Olympus, both to send out the computer, and to return it if you decide not to keep it.
  • Should you decide to keep the computer, we will bill you for the cost of the computer only, and not the shipping.
  • Please save all packaging material until the trial is over.
  • You are responsible for any damage to the computer during the trial. You are not responsible for any hardware failures that would normally be covered under our warranty, but we do ask that you treat the computer well if there is any chance you might not keep it.

We hope that the trial program opens the door to your becoming a happy customer!

Download: Try Before you Buy.pdf